Chris is a Personal Trainer who comes to you and brings all the equipment you need to have a highly effective workout. The location is on-site at your home, apartment, or office.

Chris is a skilled martial artist and offers Tai Chi only sessions as an option. Clients choosing this workout method would receive all the same services listed below.


As a monthly client you receive your personal training session, as well as:

  • A personal trainer who fits into your schedule and lifestyle.
  • More effective workouts that are customized to fit your needs.
  • Someone who knows which exercises to use and how to combine them so you get results.
  • Access to attend workshops at no additional charge.

Upon request you will also receive

  • Personalized home workouts to supplement between sessions.
  • Nutrition advice to optimize your exercise results.
  • Tai Chi and/or Martial Arts instruction for balance, flexibility, and self defense.