Reborn Fitness is a family business run by myself (Chris Dyer) as your personal trainer and my wife (Kat Dyer) working behind the scenes. Kat and I married on Earth Day 2010 in Alexandria, VA. Over the next five years Kat’s quest for minimal living, healthy food, and a love of nature inspired me to radically change my diet. Buying fast food became a thing of the past, when Kat and I got into a routine of shopping at a local farmers' market during the growing season. We now routinely freeze and can vegetables to feast on throughout the winter. With my latest batch of home brewed mead fermenting in a closet, we truly feel like pioneers in tennis shoes.

My quest for physical mastery, plus my interest in the history of movement, motivated me to lose weight and become physically stronger. In turn, I motivated Kat to stick to her personalized workout program. Kat became a fitness convert and realized the benefits of following her workout regime when her migraines decreased.

Although, each of us were on our own quest when we first married, our interests now merge and unite us in following the path of health and fitness.

In 2015, I decided to start Reborn Fitness after gaining over eight years of experience and earning multiple certifications in fitness and health, I wanted to help others reach their nutritional and fitness goals. Kat was more than willing to support my venture by contributing her organizational and accounting skills.

I focus on functional fitness, strength training, and high intensity interval training (HIIT) in addition I utilize Tai Chi when appropriate. What sets Reborn Fitness apart from other fitness programs is my one-on-one training option, various specializations, years of experience in customizing workouts for the individuals results, and personal understanding of what it means to struggle with weight control.