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I go by many names and one of them is Mrs. Reborn. You might see me on our Facebook or YouTube pages. Perhaps, you will communicate with me via email or our blog. When I’m not doing office work for Reborn Fitness, I am snuggling our three cats or working and volunteering at Huntley Meadows Park.

I have a formal education in Ecology and an informal education in the kitchen. I actually didn’t like cooking until I challenged myself to make as much sugarless, homemade food as I could by using only local ingredients. I experimented with lots of different recipes and discovered that cooking, like science, can be fun!

Chris started me on a strength training and HIIT program January 2014. For one year, he personalized my workouts based on my strengths, as well as the aches and pains he heard me complain about. I realized the value of my three-times-a-week-workout date with my husband, when, in February 2015, I took time to recall the last time I had had a migraine and discomfort from other chronic conditions. I couldn’t believe it had been an entire year! I also realized that I had more energy, my clothing fit better, and I was receiving compliments about my physique. I was sold! I now take a more active role in my training, giving suggestions as to muscle groups I feel need attention.

When Chris floated the idea of Reborn Fitness I was ready to support him any way I could and I hope to support our clients goals by sharing kitchen tips and life hack for healthy eating.