Working Out While Sick

Reborn Dont Quit for sick

Now that winter is in full swing and we are forced to spend more time indoors within close proximity to one another it is highly likely that you are going to pick up a cold along the way. If you are like me you don’t want a cold to get in the way of your fitness progress, but you also want to get better as soon as possible. Here are some helpful guidelines for working out and getting through the bug. 

First off you need to know the severity of your sickness, and the better you are at reading your body the better you will be at making this judgment call.

If it’s a head cold, go ahead and workout. It might be harder to push through a workout, but it’s not going to harm you. You might even get better faster and feel some relief from the increased breathing of oxygen and increased blood circulation. I know I always feel better after I workout.  

If your symptoms are worse, chest congestion, muscle aches, fever you should probably take a break from exercising. (And maybe see a doctor) Your body probably needs the extra rest anyway, and taking a few days off won’t kill you.

If you are really not feeling well and worried about gaining a bunch of weight from sitting around the house eating cookies and chicken noodle soup, remember that the most important part of fitness is diet. So take this time to really take a good look at your diet. You should be eating a lot of vegetables and healthy carbs and proteins. It turns out a healthy diet is also what your immune system needs to fight that nasty bug.

Finally after you are feeling better, take it slow getting back into the routine don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel as strong as before, give it a day or two and you will be back were you started.