Why utilize a personal trainer?

I always seem to be telling people about my latest workout, because I do work out all the time. For me it’s a lifestyle and I love it. I wasn’t always a “fitness nut” I didn’t even really like to work out until about five years ago. So what caused the turn around? Simple, I saw results early on when I started working with a personal trainer. My personal trainer was enthusiastic, knew how to read my moods and encouraged me to continually push myself as I got in better and better shape.

A personal trainer can be your most important tool you have to reach your fitness goals. For many people working out becomes too much of a routine, always doing the same exercises again and again, never trying new methods, never incorporating new exercises, and worse of all never pushing the workout to the next level. Then they wonder why they aren’t seeing any results. This is how a good trainer helps you. A good personal trainer will keep your body guessing, always changing up the speed, reps, and exercises so nothing starts to get too easy. This pushing prevents the plateau’s that cause many people to quit working out. 

Short clips from a typical workout session. www.rebornfitnessva.com

A good personal trainer will also hold you accountable. It’s hard to skip a workout when someone is counting on you. With my clients I literally show up at their door so there is no getting out of it. As a personal trainer I genuinely care about my client’s fitness, I am more than happy to do what it takes to help. Any good personal trainer should feel the same about helping people get fit. For me my desire to help means encouraging clients through a hard workout, listening about difficult days before giving a workout that makes them forget about it, or texting clients between sessions to help hold them accountable to their goals.

A personal trainer makes workouts better at every fitness level. For those starting out trainers help explain the complicated world of exercise and fitness. They make sure you are doing movements correctly so as to avoid injury. Personal trainers make sure that workouts are hitting all the key body parts based on your needs. For people who are moderately fit, a personal trainer will help focus your workouts and encourage you to push yourself to your next level. Even at the advanced level it’s nice to have someone with you as you work out to keep you honest, and help you work past your own weaknesses.

Finally it’s just more enjoyable to workout with someone else. Having someone there to encourage you and cheer you on is one of the fastest ways to fall in love with fitness. I can’t tell how many times I’ve started working out with clients to help them finish a last set they might have skipped had I not been there to encourage them. 

If you are serious about getting into shape, then you should be working with a personal trainer. If you already are working with one and want to see more results, consider doubling up each week to train more. Also, remember that a personal trainer can’t do the exercises for you or make you live a healthy lifestyle. The reason I had such success when I started had as much to do with how much effort I put in with the personal trainer as it did with how I lived the rest of the week.