What Gets You Moving?

No one says I exercise to exercise, there is always a reason. If someone were to ask you why you workout would you know the answer right away? Sometimes those reasons will make or break your fitness success. If your doctor tells you to start exercising so you don’t die you have a good motivation vs. exercising because it’s good for me. So If you don’t know why you workout I highly recommend you find a reason.

Aside from loving how I feel when I am in top shape, I train in order to perform better in Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). Which if you missed it was aired on ESPN for the first time as a demonstration of this growing sport (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZPOQDkcu4c), and made the front page of REDDIT. Aside from giving me a challenge both physically and mentally, I structure a lot of my training around developing the skills and strength needed to perform better.

When I first started training in HEMA I had to really focus a lot on lunges and shoulder strength in order to be a competitive fighter. Now facing other fighters highlights what I need to focus on both in sword play and during my workouts. Having a tangible goal (get better at not getting hit) keeps my workouts fresh and gives me a reason to continue improving.

Not only does having a reason to train give me a push in my workouts but it is an extra motivator on the days when I feel sluggish, yes I have days like that. Having a sport/art/reason that gets you excited to exercise will give you that extra push when it feels like you can’t work out any harder.

And sometimes your motivation aligns with multiple interests in your life. As some may know I have a passion for and a degree in history. I focused my interest in HEMA, art, history, and movement into a book Monomachia: Dueling in Ancient Greece, check it out sometime https://www.amazon.com/Monomachia-Dueling-Ancient-Christopher-Dyer/dp/098486606X.