Ups, Downs and on Track

Almost every culture around the world shares one common teaching about their outlook on life, that the universe is cyclical. Look at nature, seasons always come back around, the sun and moon rise and fall, life is always born, grows and eventually returns. It is no wonder then that we find this cycle in our own lives… but our training as well?

Everyone has good days, where you are on top of everything and all is right in the world. Then come the days just you can’t seem to get it together. If you haven’t noticed this with your own training you haven’t been paying attention. It usually happens to anyone who has been training consistently for at least two months.

The common name people give this in the fitness world is a plateau. So what’s happening? Well, it’s pretty simple you adapted. Congratulations! You are now more efficient than before. The down side is if you keep doing the same thing you will start to fall backward. That is the nature of the universe. Your body which once had to struggle to perform at a certain level doesn’t have to struggle as much to perform at that level.

There is only one thing you can do at this point, you need to start the cycle over. By starting over I mean you need to push harder than you have been. If you are working weights it’s time to go up in reps of pounds. If you are doing body weights you need to move to more explosive exercises. Remember how you had to really struggle when you first got started? Yep, that’s the phase of the cycle you have come back to. But you shouldn’t feel bad, you have already improved so much, that you are now leaving your former self in the dust. You also have an added advantage that your former self-didn't…you know you can do it!