Get Set for Fitness Success

You would like to work out more and stick to that healthy diet. It would be easier if Mr. Reborn could come over every day to encourage you through your regiment, but he can’t be there every day and you will need to do it on your own. Here are 3P’S to help you stay on top of your fitness goals.

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Click to contact Chris for more great tips.

Pack, Pack, and Prepare

Pack #1 - Pack your lunch. Don’t skip lunch, and do your best to stop eating out lunch. Packing your own lunch gives you greater control over what and how much you eat. If going out to lunch is a social aspect of your job, try getting other folks to also bring their lunches, or plan healthy potluck lunch. Chances are your coworkers also want to eat better. People behave like those around them, so create a culture of health in the workplace.

Pack #2 - Pack everything for your workout the night before and set the bag by the door. In the morning all you need to do is grab your lunch box (see above) and your bag as you run out the door. You will save time in the morning and less likely to forget something in the morning rush. And, you won’t have to return home later for your gear but and decide it’s a lot easier to stay in and not go workout. If you work out at home, set your clothes out where you see them so they act as a reminder to do your regiment.

Prepare workout - Write out exactly what you are going to do as a workout. I do this for every one of my clients as well as for myself. My workout cards are a big part of my success, I don’t waste time when it's workout time. I follow the card and get it done. This will help you stay focused and allow you to monitor your own success, keep your cards and look back to see where you started.

These 3P’s can really be summed up into one word PLAN. Come up with your fitness plan and follow it. It will be your road map to success.