The Missing Ingredient

I just finished reading a fantastic book, which I highly recommend called Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. It highlights a number of interesting points, many of which like the barefoot movement and the importance of the tribe or workout buddies, I wholeheartedly agree with. But the book makes a point that I found particularly interesting. This one thing may be the secret ingredient to your fitness enjoyment. Exercise because you love life.

Love to Exersize

The Beatles said it best, “all you need is love.” For the majority of the Homo sapien existence as a species, we needed to move, run, jump, climb, throw, crawl, hide or hunt in order to keep ourselves and families alive. Why did we do these things? Because we love ourselves and our tribe. Now we no longer needed to move to survive. You can press a button on your smartphone and presto, food will be brought to your door. Your biggest struggle in the day is sitting at your desk trying to get through another day at the office.  Ever feel like getting up and running out of the office? Yup, that’s your inner nature saying, “this is stressful, run!” Just look at the link between first world nations and obesity, cancer, depression, etc. decreases that are nearly unheard of in cultures who live a more movement based existence. Why? Because they rely on movement to keep themselves in their loved ones alive.

So how can love help us be more active? I don’t expect you to abandon your jobs, start carrying around a spear and chase down a gazelle for food. But what you can do is make the mental link between the things you love and movement.  Do you love yourself? If yes go workout, you will feel better, be healthier, live longer, live better! Do you love your family and friends? If yes go workout, or better yet get them to workout with you. Show them that a healthy life is a better one. Parents if you love your children then go workout, show them that play doesn’t stop as you get older, set a positive example.

A client recently asked if I like my job, the fact is I LOVE my job! Why? I get to teach, share and hopefully embody the secret to a good life. Movement is so crucial to the betterment of our lives, you should love your workouts for no other reason than you love life.