Help Yourself Succeed

A client of mine showed me her workout calendar the other day. It’s a regular calendar but she puts stars on it when she works out. It’s the best thing I have seen in a while because it’s the exact same thing I did when I first got serious about getting in shape.

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Click to contact us for more helpful tips.

Having the star calendar as a physical reminder of your commitment and will help to build the habit, which is the hardest and most important part of success. It varies by person but it takes roughly a month or longer to make something a habit. So the calendar is a great tool to help.

I recommended that she use different color stars, five of one color equals a different color and that gets a reward. People respond better to rewards than they do punishments. So the reward for building a good habit encourages building that habit.

So if you try to star calendar and I recommend you do, remember to reward your success.