Diet Tricks & Treats

Dieting tricks or treats.

October is here! Fall is my favorite time of the year. Cooler temperatures, fall colors, pumpkin spiced everything, and Halloween. When I was a kid I had a serious sweet tooth and this time of year didn’t help one bit, free candy everywhere! As a grown up I try to avoid bad holiday eating habits. Here are three of my tricks you can use to help keep you away from the treats.

First trick is if you are going to a holiday party or are going to be taking kidos trick or treating fill up before hand with a healthy meal. Stick to foods high in protean and fiber which will make you feel fuller longer. Also, be sure to drink lots of water which will also help you feel full. This trick will help you from mindlessly eating 26 candy bars in an hour.

Second, set a limit to how many treats you are going to have. Mini candies are great, but of you have 20 of them it is actually worse than eating a regular size bar. Set your number of how many treats you want and keep track. If you are at a party don’t stand near the food, it will make it harder to keep track.

Lastly, and this is my personal favorite. No treats unless you have worked out that day. This will encourage a good habit while keeping you from indulging in sweets all October long. Another thing you can do is set a workout date with your favorite workout buddy for the morning after any holiday parties. This will help keep you focused on staying focused on your goals of healthy eating.

I have in one form or another used all of these tricks in the past and they really work. But remember to enjoy the holidays and enjoy an occasional treat. A diet will fail if you don’t allow for treats from time to time.