Breakfast on the Go

I often hear the phrase “I didn’t have breakfast this morning.” Given Chris and I have a rather large breakfast every morning and can’t get far into the day without one, I’m saddened by this confession from colleagues and friends. Those trying to help people obtain healthier lives will start with trying to get you to eat breakfast. It really does set you up for a good day. Having FASTed for 12-14 hours after eating dinner the body needs a re-fueling to power it through another day. By skipping it it’s like asking your car to drive without engine oil. You might have gas (reserve energy stores in the body) but the metal parts of the engine are not going to smoothly slide over each other, causing friction and failure.

Having breakfast helps keep your body healthy by giving it the necessary fuel without having to stress itself in the retrieval of that fuel. I know…many of you have busy mornings, and busy lives. I ask you though, do you want to be healthy? If so I suggest taking the time to have breakfast. It doesn’t need to be a long drawn out affair like that of Downton Abby. But it does need to be rich in protein and fiber. (Cereal and milk IS NOT SUCH A MEAL)! Below are some of our favorite (proven easy to make by me, and tested for taste by Chris) eat on the go breakfast’s that we turn to when we have no more the 5 minutes to spare for the eating of food in the morning.


Overnight Oatmeal and Sausage

I get sausage links that come 10 to a pack. I cook all of them at once on a day that I have time to do so -and then for the rest of the week I just heat up what we need. Or if we are in a hurry they can be eaten cold. Like when we do overnight oatmeal. This recipe includes yogurt (I use Greek) AND milk of your choice. These proteins with the oats makes it very filling and keeps you full for HOURS, add in the sausage link and it might even get you through DC traffic!

I use the recipe for Overnight Oats from this site, Skinny Taste (, and I make the ‘original’ recipe but add one ½ mashed, ½ cubed banana. Put some fresh berries on it in the morning and…yum!!!!


Hard boiled Eggs and Sausage

This isn’t as an exciting breakfast as the previous one but…it gets the job done. Especially if we really don’t have any time in the morning and one of us needs to eat while the other drives (then vice versa) to whatever has got us up earlier than 6:30am, yawn…

The night before boil and then peel the number of eggs you wish to eat. Put in a container with a sausage. Eat cold the next morning, or quickly warm it as you walk out the door. You can also add a cheese stick and maybe put some mustard in another container for dipping the egg into, just to make the meal a bit more exciting.


Hash Browns and Eggs

I love to watch cooking shows and I really love The Pioneer Woman, I secretly wish to be her kitchen BFF. I got this recipe from her, This little hand held packet of fuel has protein and fiber, stores nicely, and re-heats even better. Chris likes it when I throw some shredded cheese on it while it’s warming up the next morning.


Yogurt and Granola

If we’ve had a large amount of food the night before (holiday parties) and are planning on having an easy day we will have a small breakfast (so this doesn’t happen often). One of my favorites is yogurt with granola. Any yogurt will do, though try to get plain as it doesn’t have the artificial sugar. To help wean yourself down to the plain start with vanilla, then move to plain and add vanilla and some honey. I now eat it without adding anything. When buying granola the ingredient list should be words you can picture in your head (i.e. oats, raisins, honey, etc.) and it shouldn’t have a lot of sugar.

This is also a good substitute for anyone who currently eats cereal for breakfast. After all granola is technically a kind of cereal. TIP: don’t try to add the granola the night before so you can grab and go, here is a neat idea for a grab and go storage idea


What is your favorite protein rich breakfast?