A noble and worthy New Year

As we start another year people are looking for worthy goals to resolve and accomplish this year. As big of a proponent as I am for getting fit, I dislike people setting fitness as a New Years resolution. First of all the start of a new year is the worst time of the year to begin working out. Second, fitness needs to be a lifestyle that you live every day. Your goal shouldn’t be to lose 10 pound, you’ll just gain it back again, but to gain a healthy life. To help you toward that goal I have my three R’s to improve your overall quality of life.

Click image for meditation videos.

Click image for meditation videos.

Rejuvenation: You might say a spa day sounds nice but it can’t be done daily. And you would be right. But you can do little things every day to help you feel younger, more relaxed, or less caught up in the stress of daily life. Instead of being a mindless blob in front of the T.V. listen to soothing music, have a glass of wine while watching a birdfeeder/people on the street, do a puzzle, play sudoku, or go for a light nature walk. You can read an “easy novel” or practice a seated or moving meditation. All of these can improve your life, cost next to nothing, and will give you the focus you need to reach your other goals.

Research: Think about all those things you were interested in as a kid, now getting information is as easy as a web search, yet for some reason people stop being curious as they get older. Find something you are curious about go discover everything you can about it. Usually the more you research the more questions you discover to research. This will keep your mind sharp, increase your knowledge base, give you something besides work to talk about, and give your brain something other to do than think about snacking.

Refinement: You have all heard this at a party, “So what do you do?” Answer, “I am in business blah, blah, blah.” What if you were to answer “Oh, I volunteer and a Nature Preserve, play the Irish whistle, write books and make videos about historical martial arts, compete in Historical European Martial Arts, and have recently started to ad French Cuisine to my cooking repertoire.” It’s more fun to give such an answer, and this is the joy of refinement. What is your hobby?  If you don’t have one find one. Then become better at it, take a class about it, find others with the same hobby to meet with and share ideas, or branch out into another style of the hobby.

This year add one of the 3R’s to your daily routine. It doesn’t have to take hours each day, only 15 minutes if that’s what you have. But you will soon find you have a better quality of life, and that having something to look forward to each day makes meeting your other goals easier.