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I started Reborn Fitness as result of finding physical, mental, and spiritual health after a life of challenges. An Alexandria, VA native, I struggled with weight from an early age. In the sixth grade, I weighed two hundred pounds. I found reading difficult due to dyslexia and suffered from low self-esteem from constantly having my intelligence questioned. History and mythology helped me cope. I found strength and inspiration from stories of medieval knights and the heroes of ancient Greece. To emulate these warriors, I began to train like them. I found a local LARP (Live Action Role Play) group and started studying martial arts and the use of ancient weapons.

I was the first Special Education student in my high school to go to college. I obtained degrees in Ancient Literature, History, and Art History; moved back to Alexandria, VA; and discovered a martial arts school. I became a dedicated student, practicing daily. I found that I enjoyed and had a natural aptitude for teaching others about fitness and body mechanics.

When my weight plateaued, I added strength training and interval training to my workout regimen. Within a few months I dropped to 8% body fat, lost over thirty pounds of excess weight, and fully recovered from knee injuries. I set goals for myself and completed multiple races and obstacle runs.

While I taught as senior martial arts instructor, I continued learning everything I could about fitness. I took fitness classes and studied Tai Chi and other martial arts, including European Martial Arts, a form of martial arts that focuses on European Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance combat techniques. This was the form of exercise I had been looking for since I was a kid.

Reborn Fitness was born out of my passion for self-improvement. I have an on-going interest in self improvement both physically and mentally and am continuously seeking new ways to incorporate interval training and strength training into workout routines. It is my greatest hope that Reborn Fitness will be a positive part of your fitness journey.